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1 Thomas was a green grocer at the time Thomas, JR. was born.
(As listed on birth certificate of Thomas, Jr., registered in
Chorlton-Upon-Medock in the Registration Dist. of Chorlton)
At the time of Thomas, Jr.'s, marriage Thomas sr. lived in Bradford,Lanc. Eng. - Reg. Dist. of Manchester. He was then a brickmaker. His trademark was the palm of his hand on each brick he made. 
Thomas Williams (I835)
2 He was a watchmaker. PEGRAM, George (I1055)
3 Blessed by Rosel Hyde - 4 Oct. 1895
Baptized by William Blood - 1 Aug 1903; con. by H.J. Sheffield, Jr.
Ordained Deacon - 21 Dec 1908; Teacher - 29 April 1912 by Jess B. Flint

!BIOGRAPHY: Stanley served in WWI- stationed in England; Married English girl Judith Ellen Pye, before coming home. They bought a farm in Fairfield,Camas Co., Idaho, moving there in August 1919. They lost it by foreclosure in the bank failure of 1924. They rented another farm, lived there and farmed for four years until it was sold. Moved into the town of Fairfield the fall of 1928 where he worked in the department store for a few years. During the depression he janitored the grade school and LDS church; worked for the forest service; finally found permanent work with the State Highway Dept.
In October 1945 they moved to Gooding, Idaho, where he did carpentry.
From Oct. 1965 to 1978 Stanley did the temple work for 215 men.
Stanley had a massive stroke Jun 17, 1980, while visiting dau, Jean, in Bozeman, MT., died in the Bozeman Deaconess hospital and is buried in the Kaysville-Layton cemetery with his wife and son.

Temple Info. for ordinances for wife, Judith Ellen (Nell)
Husband - Stanley George Smith
Wife, proxy - Margaret Jean S. Vandiver
Children: #1 Margaret Jean Smith (Self)
Father: Stanley George Smith
Mother - Proxy - Carol Sagers
#2 Arthur Stanley Smith - proxy - Vanoy Nielson
Father: Stanley George Smith
Mother: Proxy - Margaret Jean S. Vandiver Witnesses for above - Joshua A. Thurber and K. T. Butler
Ordinances performed in Idaho Falls temple -

!Personal knowledge of Margaret Jean Smith Vandiver, dau.

Blessed 4 Oct 1895 by Rosel Hyde.
!Infromation from sister Bertha and daughter Jean VANDIVER. 
SMITH, Stanley George (I8)
4 OCCUPATION: Horticulturist

BURIAL: James was creamated and then buried at the family cemetery in Kirksville in the summer when the weather was more suitable for travel.

James M. Epperson, born and raised on the family farm 8 miles south of Hurdland, MO. He attended the Locust Hill and Mt. Vernon Country grade schools; went one year (riding horseback daily) to Novelty High School, and three years to Hurdland High School, graduating in 1937. He attended two years and on summer at Kirksville State Teachers College, Kirksville, MO. then transferred to the Univ. of MO. College of Agriculture; completing required courses for a BS in Agriculture in 1942. He enlisted in the US Army Air Corp in Sept 1942, trained on the west coast and then was assigned to a service squadron located at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for the duration. He was discharged honorably in Dec 1945 with the grade of S/Sgt. (E-5) immediatedly enlisted in the USAF Res. and was discharged form the reserves in the grad of M/Sgt. (e-7) Nov 15 1979. He taught in the Veterans Farm Training program from aug 1946 to may 1951, then returned to the Univ. of Mo. to complete requirements for Voc. Agri. Teacher Cert. he taught Voc. Agri. one year at Maryville, Mo 1953-1954, then worked for MO Pfister Groweres 2.5 years, selling hybrid seed corn and chemicals, then starting in March, 1957, went with the US Dept of Agri. Farm Home Administration...retiring on Nov. 30, 1981. After retiring from the FmHA he was a Real Estate Agent and did farm and residential appraisals until oct 1987. Church affiliations have been Methodist and First Christian.

BURIAL: James was creamated and then buried at the family cemetery in Kirksville in the summer when the weather was more suitable for travel. 
EPPERSON, James Money (I3222)
5 Stanley passed away May 30, 1999, 4 p.m. of cancer.
Cremated - His ashes will be interred in the Garden of Remembrance, St. Michael's
Parish church, Garston,Lvrpl, Eng. 
PEGRAM, Stanley (I114)
6 ! Family Group sheet of John and Mary Ann Agnes Bishop

Parents: William and Amelia Alice Morris Stone 
STONE, Mary Ann Agnes (I552)
7 ! Information from St. Leonards Parish in Upton, England.

! Temple data IGI: C049341 
BISHOP, Mary (I1167)
8 !!CHRISTENING: St. Mary's Stafford,Stafford,England.
!BIRTH: IGI - Film #421592 - C010222. 
WINSTANDLEY, George (I373)
9 !1871 census, Lancashire - #841930
!Birth certificate of Thomas.
!Marriage Cert. of Thomas and Elizabeth Williams
!Info from Allerton Cemetery Plot Deed #8027 in possession of Gertrude
Dunlop daughter of John Williams by personal visit of Jean Vandiver
in 1981.

!Birth cert. of Margaret Ann Williams

!Civil Reg. - Lancashire marriages #396366

Birth dates calculated from age when married - 19 in 1865 for both wife
and husband.

Thomas was a puddler at the forge. His father was a brickmaker.

Wife, Elizabeth Ann's father was a taylor.

!Birth: Copy of certificate from General Registrar Office, London.
!Marr. - Films #556,992, 556,994.
Film #396366 - civil Reg., Lancashire - marriages.
!Death - Allerton Cemetery Grant #8027 in possession of gr.dau - Gertrude W. Dunlop.
Personal visit with Gertrude W. Dunlop (above) by Jean Vandiver.

Frederick (son #1) was born 1867 in Manchester, Eng.
1871 census - Living at 15 Hughes St., Garston, Liverpool.Eng. 
WILLIAMS, Thomas (I653)
10 !29 yrs. of age on the 1861 census of Cheltenham, Glouc. Eng.
Son Frederick - 5 yrs.
Son Alma - 3 yrs.
Dau Louisa - 1 yr.

!IGI -Film #962411 
HAINES, Sarah (I1159)
11 !@James Smith - B: 21 Oct 1913; E: Pre 1970; SP Pre 1970.

SS: 7 May 1914 SL A184600
25 Jun 1952 IF A458856
15 Jun 1973 PV

Sometimes spelled Owen 
OWEIN, Ann (I84)
12 !Action: Add family records from Loree Lee's files.

!Sources: Wicks and Olson, "Stamfords Soldiers", p. 29 and p. 313 
WATERBURY, David Captain (I1772)
13 !Action: Confirm data from WWW.ristenbatt.com/genealogy/. RAPAREILLET, Jean (I1524)
14 !Action: Confirm existance and data from www.ristenbatt.com/genealogy/. SAUVAGIE, Michele (I2444)
15 !Action: Confirm personal data from Kay Vandiver Inman and also from Don R.
Cook, "Grandma was a Tilton" p. 18-31.

!Sources: J. C. Tilton (May 1997) http://erols.com/jctilton/geneal/ 
TILTON, Robert (I2440)
16 !Action: Confirm personal data from Kay Vandiver Inmanand Don R. Cook,
"Grandma was a Tilton", p. 18-31. 
FOCELL, Elizabeth (I2441)
17 !Action: Get personal data from Kay Vandiver Inman.

!Sources: Loring Kutchins, email: [email protected] (May 1997) 
PYCROFT, Ursula (I2439)
18 !Action: get proofs from the web. See husband VAN OUWERDINGE, Balduinken Adriansdr (I2446)
19 !Action: Get proofs from www.conover web page. (12/26/98) Another source is
Jay Bennett at "[email protected]
VAN HOVE, Jan Cornelisz (I2445)
20 !Action: Verify data on this individual from David Conover -
[email protected]
WILMS, Trintgen (I2458)
21 !Action: Verify the data on this individual from Steve Conover -
[email protected]
VAN DE RAEDE, Mrs. Sarah (I2460)
22 !Action: Verify the data on this individual from Steve Conover -
[email protected].

!Name: His name is shown as Gillis Aegidius by Gloria "Kay" Vandiver Inman. 
VAN DE RAEDE, Aegedius Radaeus (I2459)
23 !Action: Verify the data on this individual from Steve Conover -
[email protected]
VAN DE RADE, Maria (I2015)
24 !Action: Verify the data on this individual from Steve Conover -
[email protected]
DE MANDEVILLE, Johannes (I2461)
25 !Action: Verify the data on this individual from Steve Spicer -
[email protected]
KIERSTEDE, Sarah (I2457)
26 !Action: Verify the name Johannes from Steve Spicer - [email protected].

!Occupation: All that is known of Johannes is from a deposition that his son
gave before the court of Kingston in 1671 about his family in which he
stated..."Willem Trophagen...son of Johannes Trophaegen, doctor and medical
officer of the manor at Hemelyck in the diocese of Minnen (Stift Minnen) under
the Count Vanderlip, born in the city of Lemmichor -- Hendrick Trophaegen being
the brother of the appearer's father. ([email protected]
TRAPHAGEN, Jan (Johannes) (I1516)
27 !AKA: His daughter, Anne Butler Croys, age 80, stated that her father's
brother Robert Butler fled to Bristol and changted his name to Pennoyer because
"he happened to be present where a man was killed." 
BUTLER, Richard (I1821)
28 !AKA: In a deposition made in England 11 Apr 1687, Ann Butler Croys, aged 80, a
niece stated that Robert Butler fled to Bristol and changed his name to Robert
Pennoyer because "He happened to be present where a man was killed."

!Documentation: Peter W. Coldham, "English Ancestry of Robert Pennoyer and
Walter Butler of Conn." Nat. Gen. Soc. Quarterly, 60:242-249
2. Savage, Genealogical Dictionary, Vol. 3 p. 390.

!Immigration: His sons, Robert Pennaire and Thomas Pennaire ages 21 and 10
came to America in 1635. 
PENNOYER, Robert Butler Alias (I1809)
29 !B & C - Parish rec. - All Saints Church - Childwall, Lanc. Eng.
!Marr - Copy of Marriage Cert. in possession of Jean Vandiver, Bozeman, MT.
!Death cert.; Parish rec. St Michael's Church, Garston, Lanc, Eng
!Film #522611 - Parish rec. St. Michael's Church, Garston, Lanc, Eng.
1841 census - #306899 - 20 yrs old - Garston Village - Ag laborer
1851 Census - #87201 - Chapel Farms Cottage - 31 yrs old.
1861 census - #543021 - widower - Speke Rd.
Copy of census report from genealogist - Chris Barrett.

Residence at death - 32 Stanley St., Garston, Lanc, Eng.

!Correspondence with Chris Barrett, genealogist, Kent, Eng.

!BTS - Childwall Parish, Lancashire Eng. - Film # 1068853
!Children 1 - 4 - 1851 Census #087201
!Children 3 - 9 - Garston Parish Records - #522611
!Death Cert. of wife, Judith. Death found on #535666 - 1st qtr 1861
Lancashire deaths
Marriages - Garston Parish rec. #396366

1851 census - James, a labourer, and Judith, a laundress, living
at Chapel Farms Cottage
1861 census - James was a widower #543021 
PYE, James (I938)
30 !B & C - Parish rec. - Childwall, Lanc., Eng.

1851 Census - 8 yrs of age.
1861 census - 18 yrs of age - carter 
PYE, Thomas (I941)
31 !B & C - Parish rec. Childwall, Lanc., Eng.

1841 census - 2 mos. of age
1851 Census - 9 yrs. of age
1861 census - 19 yrs. of age - unmd.- gardner 
PYE, John (I940)
32 !B & C - Parish rec. St. Michael's Garston - Baptisms - Film #522611.
!Marriage certificate - General Register Office - Somerset House, London.
!Film #396364 - St. Michael's Parish - Garston - birth records.
!Film #1341890 - 1881 Census.
!Film #951373 - Index to Civil Reg. marriages.
1851 census - 6 yrs of age.
1861 census - 17 yrs of age
!Film #8694434
!Personal visit & correspondence with Joseph Thorpe - son of #3.
!Allerton Cemetery Grant #1037 in possession of Gertrude W. Dunlop, gdau.
Personal visit with Gertrude W. Dunlop by Jean Vandiver in Garston.

William Pye Sr. was a brickmaker. He became foreman at the brick yard.
Later he became a carter. He was kicked in the leg by his horse, developed gangrene, had his leg amputated then died in the hospital. 
PYE, William Sr (I612)
33 !B - 43 Yrs at death - Jan. 1861
!M - Copy of marriage certificate
!D - Copy of death certificate

1851 Census - 35 yrs - Laundress - Film #87201
Residence - Speke Rd. at time of death 
CROFT, Judith (I939)
34 !B - Birth Certificate
!C - Listed as Luccia - Baptisms - St. Michael's Parish, Garston, Lanc Eng 
PYE, Emma (I943)
35 !B - copy of birth certificate
!C - Parish rec. - Garston, Lanc. Eng.

1861 census - 7 yrs. of age 
PYE, Christopher (I945)
36 !B - copy of birth certificate.
!C - Parish rec. - St Michael's, Garston, Lanc, Eng.

1861 Census - 4 yrs. of age 
PYE, Isaac (I946)
37 !B - Copy of birth certificate.
!C - Parish rec. - St. Michael's, Garston, Lanc. Eng.

1861 Census - 9 yrs. of age. 
PYE, James (I944)
38 !Baptism: Albany Dutch Church, Albany, New York.

!Biography: He is on the List of Ulster County Freeholders at Kingston in 1728 and stood witness to the will of his aunt Helena Burhans, October 19, 1728.

!Will: He made his will 16 June 1732 as a yeoman of Kingston, naming his stepmother, Eva and sister Janiten. It was proved August 17, 1732. 
TRAPHAGEN, William (I3064)
39 !Baptism: Baptism and Endowment for Sarah Smith were done under the name Sarah
Hait or Hoyt and she was sealed to Thomas June, her 2nd husband 17 Jan 1957 in
Sarah Smith was also baptized and endowed as one of the children of Daniel
Smith and Hannah Knapp, but her birth date was given as 28 Dec 1702 and her
husband was given as John Bates. Loree Lee: "This birth date is far from
right. She was married to Jonas Hait 15 Dec 1705. I have estimated her birth
date to be 17 or 18 years earlier, about 1687 or 88. There are no birth dates
available, as far as I know, for any of Daniel Smith's children except the last
two, Moses and Ezra, who were born in Stamford." 
SMITH, Sarah (I1726)
40 !Baptism: Chris Brooks indicates he was baptized in the Albany Dutch Church. OSTRANDER, Jacob (I2913)
41 !Baptism: Chris Brooks indicates he was baptized the same date and location
as his wife, but with a question mark at the end of the date.

!Name: It is also shown as Kool.

!Baptism: All the children were baptized in the Rhinebeck Reformed Dutch Church except Lena who was baptized in the German Reformed Church.

!Sources: Kingston Reformed Dutch Church
2. Rhinebeck Reformed Dutch Church
3. Rhinebeck German Reformed Church. 
COLE, Isaac (I3074)
42 !Baptism: Henry Brassert was a sponsor. WATKINS, Hendrick (I2000)
43 !Baptism: His children were all baptized in the Rhinebeck Reformed Dutch Church.

!Sources: Kingston Reformed Dutch Church
2. Rhinebeck Reformed Dutch Church.
3. Pamphlet of the Beekman Arms Hotel (caveat)
4. Rhinebeck German Reformed Church. 
TRAPHAGEN, Arent (I3075)
44 !Baptism: Kingston Reformed Dutch Church

!Name: Her name also appears as Aagjen. 
WINNE, Aegjen Petersen (I2456)
45 !Baptism: Kingston Reformed Dutch Church TRAPHAGEN, Aaltjen (I3066)
46 !Baptism: Ordinances were performed for Mrs. Henry Smith.

!Name: Her name is unknown. 
SMITH, Mrs. Henry (I2733)
47 !Baptism: Oude Lutheran Kerke CARSTENSEN, Sijtgen (I1513)
48 !Baptism: Oude Lutheran Kerke CARSTENSEN, Foltgen (I3094)
49 !Baptism: Raritan Reformed Dutch Church
!Death: She is not listed in her father's will in 1723. 
TRAPHAGEN, Blandina (I3089)
50 !Baptism: The sponsors were Theunis Jans Pier and Marretje Van Breme. DE VOOR, Abraham (I2661)

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