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July 19, 2024




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Willis and Jean Vandiver
Willis and Jean Vandiver

VandiverHistory.com was created in an effort to bring the rich history of the Vandiver family together.

With the marriage of Willis Clair Vandiver and Margaret "Jean" Smith, four family lines abundant in history were joined. This site incorporates the Vandiver, Smith, Woods, and Pye families.

The journals, biographies, and photographs detailing these families and their descendents are contained on this website. You're invited to download any of the documents from this site to print and add to your own collection as well as share with your family.

As mentioned previously, this site's purpose is to bring together the family history documents that have been dispersed and handed down generation after generation. If you have any family documents such as photographs or stories related to any of these family lines, please contact us so they too can be added to this growing collection and shared with other family.

Recent Updates to VandiverHistory.com
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