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June 16, 2019


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Kaysville, Davis, Utah



Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARTON, Hulda Elizabeth  25 Sep 1876Kaysville, Davis, Utah I58
2 SMITH, Bertha Alice  11 Jul 1899Kaysville, Davis, Utah I21
3 SMITH, Claude James  18 Mar 1891Kaysville, Davis, Utah I17
4 SMITH, David Samuel  3 Sep 1880Kaysville, Davis, Utah I54
5 SMITH, Dora Clara  1 May 1896Kaysville, Davis, Utah I19
6 SMITH, Frank Arthur  1 Mar 1890Kaysville, Davis, Utah I16
7 SMITH, George Henry  29 Aug 1873Kaysville, Davis, Utah I51
8 SMITH, Hubert "B"  13 Sep 1897Kaysville, Davis, Utah I20
9 SMITH, Ida Martha  2 Apr 1887Kaysville, Davis, Utah I14
10 SMITH, James Stephen  21 Nov 1869Kaysville, Davis, Utah I49
11 SMITH, John Edward  19 Jan 1878Kaysville, Davis, Utah I53
12 SMITH, Lucy Bell  24 Oct 1871Kaysville, Davis, Utah I50
13 SMITH, Mabel  12 Oct 1888Kaysville, Davis, Utah I15
14 SMITH, Madeline Artel  14 Jan 1901Kaysville, Davis, Utah I22
15 SMITH, Nora Leone  30 Oct 1902Kaysville, Davis, Utah I23
16 SMITH, Ralph Melvin  16 Nov 1892Kaysville, Davis, Utah I18
17 SMITH, Selina  2 Aug 1875Kaysville, Davis, Utah I52
18 SMITH, Stanley George  12 Aug 1894Kaysville, Davis, Utah I8


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BISHOP, Amos Henry  26 Mar 1933Kaysville, Davis, Utah I57
2 BISHOP, Sarah Alice  16 Jun 1940Kaysville, Davis, Utah I13
3 SMITH, Arthur  22 Mar 1924Kaysville, Davis, Utah I12
4 SMITH, Dora Clara  5 May 1902Kaysville, Davis, Utah I19
5 SMITH, Frank Arthur  6 Apr 1890Kaysville, Davis, Utah I16
6 SMITH, Ida Martha  3 Jul 1984Kaysville, Davis, Utah I14
7 SMITH, James Jr  3 Jan 1922Kaysville, Davis, Utah I44
8 SMITH, John Edward  16 Oct 1878Kaysville, Davis, Utah I53
9 SMITH, Lucy Bell  13 Jan 1953Kaysville, Davis, Utah I50
10 SMITH, Martha  7 May 1883Kaysville, Davis, Utah I47
11 STANLEY, Sarah  21 Nov 1914Kaysville, Davis, Utah I1135
12 SUTTON, Emma  19 Apr 1907Kaysville, Davis, Utah I45


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BARTON, Hulda Elizabeth  19 Jul 1954Kaysville, Davis, Utah I58
2 BISHOP, Amos Henry  23 Mar 1933Kaysville, Davis, Utah I57
3 BISHOP, Sarah Alice  19 Jun 1940Kaysville, Davis, Utah I13
4 PRIGMORE, Rose Alice  Kaysville, Davis, Utah I757
5 PYE, Judith Ellen  21 Sep 1964Kaysville, Davis, Utah I9
6 SMITH, Arthur  26 Mar 1924Kaysville, Davis, Utah I12
7 SMITH, Arthur Stanley  15 Sep 1932Kaysville, Davis, Utah I10
8 SMITH, Dora Clara  Kaysville, Davis, Utah I19
9 SMITH, Frank Arthur  Kaysville, Davis, Utah I16
10 SMITH, George Henry  12 Jul 1947Kaysville, Davis, Utah I51
11 SMITH, Ida Martha  Jul 1984Kaysville, Davis, Utah I14
12 SMITH, James Jr  8 Jan 1922Kaysville, Davis, Utah I44
13 SMITH, James Stephen  18 May 1924Kaysville, Davis, Utah I49
14 SMITH, John Edward  Kaysville, Davis, Utah I53
15 SMITH, Lucy Bell  16 Jan 1953Kaysville, Davis, Utah I50
16 SMITH, Mabel  Aug 1945Kaysville, Davis, Utah I15
17 SMITH, Madeline Artel  25 Mar 1986Kaysville, Davis, Utah I22
18 SMITH, Martha  Kaysville, Davis, Utah I47
19 SMITH, Nora Leone  Oct 1959Kaysville, Davis, Utah I23
20 SMITH, Stanley George  3 Jul 1980Kaysville, Davis, Utah I8
21 STANLEY, Sarah  24 Nov 1914Kaysville, Davis, Utah I1135
22 SUTTON, Emma  22 Apr 1907Kaysville, Davis, Utah I45
23 WHITE, Thomas Lawrence  1 Sep 1965Kaysville, Davis, Utah I179
24 WINDROSS, Bertha  3 Mar 1968Kaysville, Davis, Utah I755


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MCLATCHIE / SMITH  19 Aug 1924Kaysville, Davis, Utah F17
2 NOBLE / SMITH  8 Jan 1896Kaysville, Davis, Utah F38
3 SMITH / BARTON  30 Oct 1895Kaysville, Davis, Utah F37
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